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Let me tell you a quick story about when I FINALLY found the total skincare solution...

 Growing up I was always told that having dull poor acne ridden skin was inevitable and that the only way to control it was to spend on natural and high-quality products...

That meant I kept a constant skincare routine of products that claimed to treat everything from breakouts to blackheads...without any significant improvements, just routine, not revolutionary.

I remember at one point I was using so many different products that I couldn’t keep track of which product did. I knew my skin had different needs, but I was overwhelmed and confused by the whole process and selection.

I’ll NEVER forget the day a close friend of mine brought me back a souvenir from South Korea, a face mask from a premium Korean skincare brand. She explained that the mask was specifically designed to tackle core skin issues instead of just the symptoms and works WITH your skin instead of just on it.

I tried the mask that day and had a skin experience like no other. Not only did my face feel amazing, but I could literally feel my pores open and close through the process. It was like the mask knew my skin and wasted no time to take effect. By the time I rinsed the mask off, I felt like my skin was finally breathing again, shedding away a layer of past product failures. I was MIND BLOWN.

Now I’m not a dermatologist or esthetician and I’m not saying this will work for you and if you have a serious condition or circumstance you should for sure consult a professional. What I can do is share with you my experiences and how much I love and trust the promise of premium Korean skincare solutions...

Well back to my story. A few months ago I was trying to find the most effective and pure Korean skincare available. After my transformational introduction since the first use, I was OBSESSED with only using the best of K-beauty products. However, after hours of reading and research, I had the disappointing realization that the best of Korean skincare was out of reach. Thousands of miles away, not available locally or online.

I could not believe that something so LIFE CHANGING and EFFECTIVE wasn’t even available in America!

I was getting more and more frustrated and hopeless by the day. Even though maybe I wouldn’t find what I was looking for, I thought maybe I was asking for too much...

Then the bottom fell out from under me when I found out that the overwhelming majority of Korean skincare products that were available online were just for show. A commodity and fun “foreign” experience, with no focus on effective treatment...So basically we were completely missing out on the TRUE benefit and brilliance of Korean skincare. The more I learned the angrier I got...

So angry that companies I had purchased from and recommended to friends became boycotted overnight. I could count on one hand all the brands offering Korean skincare solutions that weren’t just all fluff. Talk about poor selection.

As you can imagine, I was disheartened and desperate, but I wasn’t ready to give up on achieving my dream skin through the best premium Korean skincare...

Then I was introduced to the idea that If I could find the top Korean skincare products, I could make them accessible without any compromise to effect or excellence...

At that point, everything changed! I discovered how to Identify and appreciate the different types of K-beauty products, their purpose, their unique ingredients as well as their different benefits. I went to South Korea MYSELF, personally spoke and consulted with the top manufacturers, and learned to source the exact type and quality of premium Korean skincare that is more than just a sweet smell or pretty packaging, but ACTUALLY helps and heals your skin in a safe, solution-oriented way.

Growing this dedicated, natural skincare brand has been both a lifesaver and a huge eye-opener. My skin has never been more radiant and, frankly, predictable. Premium Korean skincare has finally put me in touch with my skin and allowed me to give it what it needs without compromise. I can’t think of a more perfect combination. I know my skin absorbs so many toxins every day and I was able to put my mind at ease knowing that I wasn’t adding to that by using unnatural and harsh products... I now find myself in a position to share this comprehensive solution with family, friends, and all those around me who face any kind of skincare challenge. It feels incredible to be able to recommend one of a kind products that I have tried and tested myself.

I’m in a much better place now, no more skin struggles and watching and hearing success story after success story. No more second guessing whether a product will work or not. No more hassles, confusion, or wondering which product is best for me. No more disappointments. That’s how I find myself here sharing this story with you about my journey to find the most effective, high-quality Korean skincare brand!

Welcome to Sano Naturals where we believe in always providing the highest quality of service and skincare products to our entire community and beyond...

Best Wishes,


CEO & Skin Care Expert