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Transform Your Skin With Your Very First Mask

A 1-Step Korean Skin Care Facial to Smooth and Refine the Skin, Powered by Plants

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Our Story

Sano Naturals was created because we think skin care should make you feel better about yourself, not worse.

The growing trend toward 6, 7 and 8-step Korean Skin Care routines left us with a FOMO we just couldn't shake. While the *idea* of committing the time and budget to elaborate skin care routines sounds nice, it's not realistic for so many of us.

At Sano Naturals, we want to provide simple yet effective skin care solutions that fit into your lifestyle and budget that still adhere to core K Beauty principles.

Our Products

At Sano Naturals, we are committed to providing cruelty-free, plant powered skin care products that fit into your lifestyle.

Our flagship product, the Sano Silk Mask, is your 1-step K Beauty shortcut to glass skin. Brush it on and after 15 minutes wash off the tightening mask to reveal a glowing complexion, smaller looking pores, and a lifted appearance.

Easy to apply and wash off

Clean, plant-powered ingredients

Reduces the appearance of fine lines

Packaged for ultimate freshness

Brightens Dull Looking Skin

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Sano Silk Mask

Brand 1

Brand 2

Made in Korea

Plant Powered Formula

1 Step Only

Contains Over 14 Botanicals