Retinol: Fountain of Youth?

Retinol CreamBy now it’s no beauty secret that as we age, retinol becomes a woman’s best friend and greatest weapon against wrinkles and the ravages of time. Retinol, a pure, topical form of Vitamin A, helps increase skin’s thickness and collagen production, firming and refining the complexion and restoring its vibrancy – a literal fountain of youth.

Some retinol products, however, can be irritating, causing redness and peeling of the skin people often associate with the high-potency vitamin A prescription acne treatment Retin-A. So how can you get your maximum dose of age-fighting retinol without traumatizing your skin?

One way is by using a Retinol product that contains ancillary ingredients that help soothe the skin. For example, Hyaluronic Acid helps to cushion the cell matrix, hydrate skin and provide targeted moisture. This can help to counteract some of the drying effects users may experience from retinol.

In addition, using the best source of Vitamin A is important. Historically, retinol was primarily derived from an animal source. However, with the push for for plant-based and more naturally sourced skincare products, vegan sources are available. 

Another good tip is to use your retinol-based skincare products every other day when you’re first starting. This can be stepped up to daily use if your skin shows that it can tolerate the compound well.  Try applying just a pea-sized drop of this youth potion at night, before bed, after thoroughly cleansing your skin – by itself, with no other products so it can work its magic most effectively.

Sano Naturals just released its Retinol Cream on Amazon that is a blend of soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that synergistically work with the 2.5% concentration of plant-based retinol.  It’s the perfect day or night cream (just make sure to use with an SPF if you’re applying it during the day).

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