Retinol Cream: Newest Addition to Sano's Vegan Beauty Line

Sano Naturals is excited to announce the release of our newest product - a day or night 2.5% Retinol Cream.

We know, we know: Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait — yada yada. But, in a world that moves at a million miles an hour, can you blame us for wanting to bring you the products that would give you the anti aging and anti-wrinkle results you're looking for? That's why we love retinol — products infused with the vitamin A-derived ingredient can deliver serious skin differences in just a few applications. We're talkin' noticeable smoothness and clarity here, you guys. And you don't have to just take our word for it either -- check out this article from The New York Times that explains the science behind this amazing compound:

But, with great power comes great responsibility: Retinol (closely related to prescription Retin-A) is a supercharged solution if there ever was one, and, as such, those with sensitive skin might prefer to use a product that promises similar results. Our latest cream contains a 2.5% concentration.

Why should you use a topical retinoid in the first place

As we age our skin cell turnover really starts to slow down. This means our skin is not producing as much collagen and elastin (ie. the things that keep our skin looking young and healthy). When you compound this with sun exposure…boom…you’ve got a recipe for wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation.

retinol creamTopical retinoids work by increasing skin cell turnover so your skin starts acting like 20-year-old skin again. (Really!) With this increased cell turnover, you also get an increase in collagen and elastin production that gradually diminishes fine lines, evens out skin tone and prevents you from forming wrinkles in the first place.  Check back tomorrow to find out some common retinoid myths you should avoid, and some tips for choosing the best way to incorporate Retinol into your beauty arsenal (serum? cream? day? night? We'll answer it all!)

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