For most of us, part of the morning and evening routines involve a skincare regimen of applying creams, moisturizers, toners, lotions, and the like. Why do we put ourselves through this?

Well, your skin is the largest organ of your body. And having healthy, clear skin allows us to project the best version of ourselves. Dr. Myron Wentz, founder and chairperson of USANA Health Sciences, has this to say about beauty: “Some say that beauty is only skin deep. Nonsense! I believe that true beauty is a reflection of true health, and true health begins deep inside each and every cell in the body. But true health and true beauty have an outer component, which is why we require protection from environmental insults such as solar radiation, pollutants in our environment and the drying effects of air. . . The fact is you simply cannot contain a healthy body if your skin isn’t healthy. And your skin can’t be healthy if you are subjecting it to toxic substances that are ultimately absorbed into your body.”

However, it is a safe bet that most of us haven’t put much thought into what is in the products we’re using.  What we put on our skin is inevitably absorbed into our bodies. Our skin is semi-porous, and what you’re putting on your skin may actually be undermining what you’re trying to prevent to begin with.

In fact the average woman puts twelve products on her skin daily, most of which contain harmful chemical preservatives.

So, what’s a person to do? How can we combat environmental pollutants, the effect of solar radiation, and the drying effects of the air and pollutants? How can we be sure we’re using the very best products on our skin so we can be healthy inside and out? Here are 5 quick tips to help you out:

1. Be very aware of what is in skincare products. Use products that are all natural as much as possible.

2. Look for products that contain a stable form of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is abundant in young skin, and is responsible for combatting the effects of free radical damage in our skin. Vitamin C also promotes collagen production, and can be 20x more effective when applied topically than when taken orally. A great choice is Vitamin C Serum+ with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and MSM.

3. Use products that are paraben-free. Parabens are synthetic chemical preservatives that are widely used in personal care products such as shampoos, conditioners, make-up, skin lotions and creams. They also are typically ingredients in baby lotions, shampoos, and other personal care products for infants and children. In addition, parabens are in many foods and pharmaceutical products. Researchers are beginning to find parabens in benign and malignant human breast tumors. While some studies have challenged their toxicity in many products and question their long term affect on humans, using products that are paraben free can eliminate the risk of exposure to this harmful chemical. All of Sano Naturals products are 100% paraben-free.

4. Drink plenty of water! Water hydrates skin and hair as well as flushes toxins out of the body.

5. Limit stress, or learn to manage it effectively. Stress is harmful both emotionally and physically. Elevated stress levels can trigger the release of chemicals and hormones in your body that negatively affect your health and skin. Find that stress reliever activity that works best for you, and use it on a daily basis!

Use these 5 easy tips to jump start you on your way to beautiful, healthy skin. If you have any questions about how Sano Naturals can help you with any of these 5, email us at info@sanonaturals.com.

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