Vitamin C Serum Before & Afters

Vitamin C Serum Before & Afters

Beauty Product GraveyardWe're all tired of skincare products that don't work. As much as we would hate to admit it, how many of us have a drawer in our bathroom or dresser that can be called the graveyard for wrinkle creams, serums and lotions that simply don't do their job? Thankfully, there are topical skincare products that do what they're expected to do, and you can see the before & afters to prove it! The first product we'll talk about that "walks its talk" is Vitamin C Serum. According to Bridges to Beauty, it was discovered that high local concentrations of Vitamin C on the skin could provide 5x the rejuvenating properties as compared with ingesting it. So, apparently that glass of OJ isn't enough to get all of the restorative properties from this powerful vitamin! Applying it topically may confer up to 5x the benefits to our skin.

What are those benefits exactly? Well, Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, which may help improve sun damage. It's also an important building block in collagen.

Source: do you get those benefits? Is it as easy as applying orange juice to your face? Sadly, no! Getting high concentrations of Vitamin C into the dermal layer of the skin requires penetration. This is aided by a carrier such as aloe or another acid, and having a sufficiently high concentration of that Vitamin C compound, preferably sodium ascorbyl acid. Orange juice, for example, has about a 1% concentration.

That's why serums are the perfect vehicle for leveraging the powerful benefits of this compound. Serums are light and fast absorbing. Most of the unnecessary ingredients found in other skincare products are eliminated, so you're left with the bare essentials. Serums are also made of very small molecules, so the active ingredients have a better chance of getting where they need to go in order to do their job.

Check out this video on YouTube for some really amazing before & afters showing what topical Vitamin C can do for the skin.

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